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Merida is our first keeper puppy and we planned the litter she was born out of with Jim Jeffery of Little River Kennel in Yarmouth.  We are so proud of what an amazing girl Merida has turned out to be. She is a sweet fun loving girl who enjoys my niece and grandchildren more than just about anything! Merida has a remarkable temperament. Merida started with an AKC S.T.A.R. and then went on to pass her CGC early on.  She earned her Therapy Dog International Certification in the summer of 2021and she has visited some local veterans as part of her therapy dog work. In the fall of 2022 she earned her AKC Temperament Title.  


Merida and I have learned everything together and together we have achieved a lot of firsts!  We started with Trick Titles and Rally.  Merida's has earned an Advanced AKC Trick Title. Merida loves to work with me and I love to work with her; we have built a strong team. Merida earned her CKC Rally Novice Title in 2019 it was the first time in the ring for both of us! Our first title and she placed in her class. Merida earned her AKC rally novice title 2020 we had do finish her last leg virtually due to Covid.  She finished her AKC Rally Advanced(99) and Rally Intermediate Title(100) in the fall of 2022 earning a first place in her class. 

We started our conformation journey in Canada. Merida finished her CKC Championship in the fall of 2021 she is our first Canadian Champion. Merida earned he AKC Championship in April 2022 with three 5 point majors. Our first AKC Champion! Merida enjoys attending shows and seems to adapt well to whatever is asked of her.  

Merida earned her NSDTR Working Certificate in May of 2021 and she earned two legs toward her UKC Started Hunting Retriever title in 2021. 

Merida and I have learned so much as a team.


She is a very special girl. We are training for the obedience ring and have earned two beginner novice qualifying legs with 3rd and 1st placements. 

We are also planning a litter for Spring 2023.

Merida is River's daughter and the first keeper!  She has exceeded our expectations and we are excited about what comes next!

Littleriver's Hudson Queen CGC TKN WC RN x Littleriver's Yarmouth Ranger.    


OFA Hips: Good

Elbows: Normal

OFA Heart:  Normal

OFA Eyes: Normal

PRA:  Clear

CP1: Clear
CPLS: Clear

CEA: Clear

JADD: Clear

DM: Clear

DEN: Clear

CDDY: Carrier

CLAM: Clear

CDMC: Clear

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