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Tealaska's Y's Quacker 'N Red•RJ


Peter and I spent the summer of 2011 in the bush in Iliamna, Alaska.  Sandy Potter decided to place one oh her young show dogs in a pet home.  We were that lucky family.  RJ was our first Toller and began this incredible with these little red dogs.  We had an amazing summer in Alaska that year. I really enjoyed RJ's company on my walks and at home while Peter worked. Before we got RJ people would stop me while I was walking and to tell me I should have a dog.  Not sure he would have been much protection from a Grizzly but he certainly would have barked. Thankfully, we never found out. I hard protection for both of us on my hip anyway.  I didn't realize what I signed up for, when I agreed to a summer in the bush! RJ stayed with Peter when I returned home in September for school and they had an amazing bond. Peter moved onto another job and RJ was no longer allowed to stay, so he came home with me.  RJ sadly did not survive a devastating accident and we lost him at a very young age.  I'm not sure we will ever get over it.  RJ changed our lives and we knew we would never be without a toller. After healing, we started our search and found both Jim & Deanna Jeffery and Pam and Derek Dunn, we were extremely lucky on both counts. The rest is history. 

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